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Here history is written through the small sapling vineyard set through the valley marked to the hands of the winemakers and in the small and lush bunches that hold the secrets of our wines. This terroir is the house of Cannonau, the wine that best represents the Sardinia winemaking and its territory Mamoiadino.

Currently, our vineyards extend for about XX hectares, divided into several small plots, and bred sapling and Guyot. Massive temperature variations, low yields, south/south-west displays allow you to grow healthy and lush grapes.

The project Vino & Cultura identifies the cellar of Authors of wine and its wine. From the beginning, the intent has been to present our wines linked to the most representative characters of Sardinian culture and who have been able to embody, through their works, the values of Sardinians in the most diverse sectors of culture. From this idea was born the wines of the winery strongly linked to the territory of Momoida, but projected to tell the whole of Sardinia, its history, strength, and identity: authentic, genuine, and with great passion.

Ours Vineyards

We are sure that the awakening of Sardinia’s producing wines must pass into the hands of small companies like ours, companies that talk about their territory and its roots.

Mamoiada, the land

Mamoiada is a small town in Sardinia, which houses ten wineries and about two hundred small producers with their invaluable wealth of knowledge after a process of aggregation over the years has identified in Cannonau the lever for its economic and social development. But apart from wines, Mamoiada is known for its carnival rites that attract visitors from all over the world.

Mamoida and Issohadores are the symbols of the country.

The first ones wear a black mask with marked strokes, carved in precious woods and wearing sheepskin in which they load thirty kilos of cowbells. During the carnival period, they march at the centre of the town with a traditional ancestral dance, guided by the Issohadores, recognized by their precious and elegant red and white clothes. Their names came from Soha, the rope that captures the audience. In the old days, it says that it served to capture the woman you wanted to marry.

The Winemaking

The intense scent of grapes enriched the whole town: in the vineyards, it grows for decades the Cannonau and the Garnazza. In this territory, it has always cultivated vineyards and its production of wine. It is evident that the wealth of knowledge of the territory is important, in the last years' numerous awards has been won from the local wineries at a regional and national level.

Stories of Vine, stories of Wine

  • Grapevines up to 750 m s.l.m.
  • Grapevines 15-20 anni
  • Granitic decomposition soils rich in magnesium and potassium
  • Refinement in steel
  • Annual production over 15,000 bottles
  • Home delivery

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