Ruby red color with violet hues. The nose has aromas of plum, cherry, violet and cloves. In the finish it opens, releasing scents of red fruit wrapped in black pepper, typical of cannonau matured in the mountains. With a full, round and smooth taste, it has an aftertaste which leaves a lasting memory: on the palate it is harmonious, complex and well structured. This allows to find all the olfactory sensations on the palate.
Deledda is kept in steel containers in order to maintain unaltered the fresh fruit and balsamic notes obtained during fermentation.

– Vines at 750 m above sea level
– 100% Cannonau
– Refinement in steel
– Soil granitic disintegration
– Production 4 thousand bottles
– Vines 15-20 years old

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Cannonau of Sardinia DOC


"Especially on moonlit nights all these mysterious people animate the hills and valleys: man has no right to disturb them with his presence, as spirits have respected him during the course of the sun; it is therefore time to retreat and close one's eyes under the protection of the guardian angels."
G.Deledda - Reeds in the wind

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