Salmon pink color soft scents; very elegant and fine, with notes of small red fruits and floral rose, followed by spicy sensations, persistent in the primary notes, endowed with freshness, harmony and vivacity;

Serving suggestions: serve at a temperature of 12-14°C.

– cannonau of sardinia rosé
– vineyards: bonamici estates in Mamoiada (Nu) in Sardinia
– altitude: 650 meters above sea level
– training system: spurred cordon (75 cm height)
– grapes: cannonau 100%
– average density per hectare: 4.000 plants
– average production per plant: 1.500 grams
– yield: grapes 75 quintals/ha; wine 50 hl/ha
– annual production: about 3 thousand bottles
– soils: granitic disintegration rich in magnesium and potassium
– harvest time: from 10/09 to 25/09 approx.
– maceration: cryomaceration in stainless steel on the skins at low temperature (0-3 ° C) for about 12 hours
– fermentation: in stainless steel tanks at controlled temperature (18-20°C) for 15 days
– maturation: on noble lees for 4 months
– aging: 3-4 months in bottle with release on the market at about 8-9 months after harvesting

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Cannonau of Sardinia DOC Rosè


"One way or another we are all a little crazy.
Without a touch of madness accompanied by intellectual curiosity and poetry, life would be a trivial affair.
Here's to our inadequacies, our ability to make mistakes, and above all our inexhaustible need for self-delusion."
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